Identity Crisis


By: Maggie Ronayne


Identity has been something that I feel the Lord has been putting on my heart for months now. More specifically, what I’ve been placing my identity in and how He is calling me out (in a loving manner). I’m sure I am not the only one who has placed their identity in other things besides God. Placing our identity in Him is talked about quite frequently but the Devil makes it easier said than done. For me, I’ve been placing my identity in the cross that I’ve been carrying since I was six months old. I have mentioned this in other blog posts that I have written, but I was born with a chronic illness called Cystic Fibrosis. Having this illness comes with a lot of gross, scary, and embarrassing territory, so it was easy for me to place my identity as the “sick kid” for my twenty-three, almost twenty-four years of existence. 

I know that this is my cross that I am being called to carry. Some days this cross feels extremely heavy, and other days not so much. But I do know without a doubt that He is using this cross for something good. This made me put my identity in being the “sick kid” even more. Satan definitely used this to his advantage, and starting putting lies in my head such as, “You can’t do x, y, and z, because you’re too sick.” It wasn’t until a couple months ago, after having a hard year health-wise, that God gave me a wake-up call. He said to me in a small voice, “My child you are mine. Nothing or no one can take that away from you.”.  It was so simple but yet so beautiful and powerful. Since then, I felt called to live this out every day of my life, and let me tell you it is absolutely freeing. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. There are days when I sometimes where I revert back to my old mindset, but He is constantly reminding me of His message. 

Don’t get me wrong, being God’s child doesn’t mean you should just not carry your cross. DO IT! Like I mentioned before, this is what God calls us to do, no matter how big or small. He can use our suffering.  But letting a cross consume every part of your life can affect your relationship with the Lord. He is meant to be put first. We should look to His cross for our identity, not our own. 

I can’t stress this enough: my identity and your identity don’t lie in the cross you are carrying. It lies in His cross. So whoever is reading this, you are more than your cross. You are more than whatever suffering you are going through. God sees you, is guiding you, and loves you because you are His. As we go into the new school year, I pray that you always remember that this will never change!

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