God's Friendship


By: Lucy Chavey


Think back to when you were about 8 or 9 years old. Who were your best friends? Now think about who your best friends are now. Are they the same? They could be, but most likely they are not. Friends come and go. I know a lot of mine have! But guess what? God does not! I know that you have heard that an extraordinarily large amount of times, but I am going to tell you again. God never leaves. He is your one true friend. I am somebody who has always had a hard time making friends. I am naturally very quiet, shy, introverted, and I like to keep to myself. My parents were actually worried about me because they thought something was wrong with me. I would not go anywhere without my mom by my side. My personality has made it harder to make friends, even now. But my whole entire life I had God right beside me. 

Have you ever had a relationship or a friendship where you felt like you were the only one who tried to keep the friendship or relationship going? It is exhausting and we tend to feel very angry and sad. We think that she must not love me or I must not be very good to her. I think most people feel that way when they feel like they are the only ones trying. How would you feel if someone said that that’s how they feel about you? You would feel terrible, right? Especially if it’s not true, you would try and ensure that person feels your love from then on. Well, I hate to break it to you but there is someone who feels that way. God! All God asks of us is that we call Him our friend, and in return He will do the same. Now don’t get me wrong; God most definitely always reaches out to us, but we need to put in some effort ourselves. If you found out that an earthly friend felt that way, you would also put in an effort to show love. Ladies, NOBODY wants more to be your best friend than Our Lord does. What an honor! You can’t even imagine how badly he wants to be your best friend!

One of the best qualities in a friend is that they listen. Listening is so very important in developing a relationship. If one side of the friendship doesn’t listen, you won’t have a very good relationship. If you don’t learn to listen you won’t learn anything, develop good habits or make very many friends. Let me tell you though, God is THE best listener. He won’t talk unless you stop and listen, and when you stop talking, you can tell that He heard every single word and He is able to understand every single word that came out of your mouth. Be that listener to your friends here on earth, but also to our Heavenly Father who does so for you. 

One thing that everyone feels loved by is quality time. I have never heard anyone say that they feel loved by someone if they little less time with that person. Let’s say that your best friend moved away to a different state. You guys make new friends, things get crazy busy, and you guys lose touch. That’s really sad. I know that when one of my best friends moved away to Florida I cried when they left. We kept in touch by calling each other but eventually stopped talking. Thinking back, I wish that I was still keeping in close touch with them. But, guess what?! God never leaves. God never moves away from you and is ALWAYS ready to be your best friend. Whenever you move, He moves with you. He is with you constantly. When He is with you, He is all yours. Have you ever had that “friend” that even though she was there, present, her mind wasn’t there? She was distracted by her own thoughts, or things around her, or not looking at you, or talking about other people constantly and not about you or her. You don’t feel very loved by her because she shows no interest in you or in what you have to say. Well, we probably all have done that before if we are being completely honest. But God has not! He is ALWAYS paying complete attention to you.

Friendship with God, just like any other friendship, takes time. It is most definitely not going to happen over night. No real friendship ever has. It took me almost a year! I really met Jesus in January of 2018 and I didn’t become friends with Him until November of that year. But let me tell you, it was the best decision I have ever made, and it was totally worth the wait. However, don’t expect friendship with Jesus to take all your troubles away because you will be disappointed. You will overall be a happier person, but you will most definitely still have your ups and downs.

One last thing that I wanted to say is that our friends here on earth, will disappoint you. They will fail to love you, they will ignore you, they will do all sorts of things that won’t make you feel loved. But, there is this Great Guy that I’ve been talking about, that will NEVER fail to love you. People, especially me, get wrapped up in doing stuff to please God and to make Him happy. We do things like obey our parents, be kind, go to Mass, serve others, receive the sacraments, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, all of these things are great! Don’t stop doing them! They will make you a better person! However, what God really wants most is to be your very best friend. No joke! More than anything in the world, He simply wants to just be your very best friend.


Lucy Chavey is a Senior in high school at Father Gabriel High School in Ann Arbor. She loves to do many things but you can always find her either holding babies, laughing, or helping whoever needs it.

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