Jesus is a Friend of Mine


By: Sarah Prosser


Lent this year was revealing to me in a variety of ways, including that my personal prayer life is kind of…lacking. It’s embarrassing to admit, but at the age of 25, I haven’t quite mastered a consistent daily prayer life.

I’m really great at clinging to Jesus in the radical. By radical I mean the big, life-altering moments such as choosing a college or deciding where to move after law school. But in the day-to-day, in the routine of the ordinary, I honestly cling to myself.

Towards the end of Lent, I realized that one, I wanted to kick my lack of a daily prayer life habit, and two, that I needed a little help in doing so. I decided to sign up for spiritual direction. I was paired with a lovely woman who I can already tell is going to kick my spiritual butt into shape in the best possible way.

At our first session, my spiritual director explained what prayer time is, taught me how to pray, and provided a list of scripture to meditate with throughout the week.  A big emphasis in spiritual direction is that prayer time isn’t a task, it’s a relationship. I am 100% a task oriented person (you should see my elaborate to-do lists), so changing my mentality and removing prayer time from the task list is challenging for me.

As I sat down to pray on the first day, I asked the Lord to help me understand what a relationship with Him looks like. I opened my Bible to the first listed scripture, Luke 11:1-11. The passage begins with the story of a friend going to another friend’s house in the middle of the night asking for help. I stopped after the very first sentence, captured by and feeling the weight of the word “friend”.

I read it over and over. What does my friendship with Jesus look like? If I’m completely honest, it looks like a “coffee date friendship”. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Coffee date friends are those friends that you meet up with every once in a while. You catch up, cover all of the big topics, and then go about your merry way, out of touch until the next coffee date. Coffee date friendships aren’t bad friendships, but they’re very different from the friends you share daily life with.

“Daily life” friends are there for everything, the big and the small. They are a listening ear and a trusted advisor through life’s radical moments. They are companions in the day-to-day activities. Whether you’re going through a break up, choosing a college, or shopping at TJ Maxx, daily life friends are there. They are your go-to people, a constant and consistent presence.

Jesus wants to be a daily life friend. Jesus should be a daily life friend. 


Sarah Prosser is an attorney at the Mitzel Law Group in Ann Arbor. Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Sarah is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville and Ave Maria School of Law. You'll often find Sarah playing rec league sports, reading The National Review, consuming copious amounts of coffee, eating sushi, or proclaiming her deep love of tax law. Most importantly, Sarah's desire is to love others so radically that they become more of who God created them to be.

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