Creator and Friend


By: Meghan Schultz


“Don’t be afraid to call me anytime.” 

I told my friend this Saturday night as we finished discussing what living a Christian life on a college campus is going to require of us this fall. We promised to lean on one another and to never question whether we should contact one another for prayers, advice, wake-up calls, or reassurance. The simplicity of us reassuring each other to never worry about contacting one another for anything made me question why believing Jesus, when He tells me the same thing, is so much harder. 

“Don’t be afraid to call on Me anytime, whatever you need,” Jesus says. “I want to hear about it. I want to hear your prayers and share my omnipotent, benevolent wisdom with you. I long to remind you of the path when you stray away, and to always tell you how much I love you.”

Jesus longs to be our friend. He desires to be the one we call on in times of need, of joy, and of thanksgiving. He is the eternal source of life, and if we count on Him before anything else, He will take care of what remains. Fear is toxic, and it stops us from seeing and chasing after truth. There is no fear in Love Himself. He is not afraid of the mess we bring to a relationship with Him. Our God is not a distant God: although in the free will we were given He allows us to push Him away, somehow He remains near enough to hear our quietest, most broken prayer.

God is the perfect friend, the perfect example to draw from. If I do not allow Him to be at the center of my life, I can never begin to learn to love my friends the way He does, or fully appreciate the love they show to me. I want Jesus to be my best friend. I want to know Him and His love intimately.

Together, my sisters, wherever we are, let us be unafraid to lean into the friendship of our Creator.


Meghan is a recent graduate of Father Gabriel Richard High School and is excited to attend Hillsdale in the fall! This year, she’s excited to explore the world a little more, get to know Jesus a lot more, and discover her inner creative through more writing and reading.

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