BONUS BLOG: The Option of the Second Death


By: Sharon Jacobs


A few months ago, one of my dear six-year-old Sunday School student’s grandfather passed away. My family is very close with her family, and when I heard about his passing, my heart shattered. Life is so fragile. So precious. Watching his funeral in India through television made my heart soften so much. Her grandfather was a kind man, emulating joy whenever he was around us. It broke my heart to see him lying in a casket thousands and thousands of miles away from me. It broke my heart realizing that his children and grandchildren will never be able to see his face again in this life. Having said that, I have confidence that one day his family will be able to see him again-I know he served and loved the Lord while he was on this earth. This is what is so wonderful about Jesus: He gives hope in the most broken situations of life. He is a hope in which we are sure that we will see those who have gone before us who loved the Lord. A hope in which we know-through trials and tribulations-that there is more; that this is not the end. A hope so real; so alive, and most importantly, a hope that has hands that embrace, eyes that shine, and a heart that loves. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about when we rest in this reality.

Unfortunately, due to original sin, we will all die once. The good news is that we have an option to choose whether we want to die the second death. Jesus, through the Paschal Mystery, gave us this option. Glory to God! Nevertheless, Satan is destined for death and wants you to die the second death with him-doing everything in his power to manipulate you to do so. Just as God can work in extraordinary and supernatural ways through people, places, and things-the devil can too. Is there anyone in your life that is influencing to turn from the Lord? Do you put yourself in situations in which you are prone or tempted to sin? Do you find yourself more discouraged than hopeful when things do not go your way? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please do everything in your power to change that. Whether that be slowly distancing yourself from friends that pressure you to join secular “fun” like going to parties or simply spending too much time dwelling on hurtful things people have said about you or done to you; change the circumstance as much as you can and as fast as you can. Life could end tomorrow. Jesus could come back tomorrow. Time is running out. As Christians, we simply do not have time to sin. How sorrowful would it be that we give in to what the devil wants us to do; giving him the option of finding cruel and disgusting happiness in what is OUR eternal separation from God.

I felt so convicted of writing this knowing that God is calling me out of the darkness that Satan is tricking me into. Being a follower of Jesus Christ and a high school/college student in today’s culture is very difficult. I struggle so much in choosing between good and evil. There are days in which everything in me wants to give in to the alcohol, the smoking, the hooking up, and it is only through Jesus that I have and will fight against that. It is only through Jesus that I can choose what is right. No one else. I would not even be able to choose good by myself. Today and always, dear reader, choose holiness. Sin is death. It will destroy you. You have the option of dying the second death. What will you choose? This life will one day end, and the joy and glory that awaits us is so worth the trials and temptations we face and will overcome now.

Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. –Revelation 22:12


Sharon Jacob is a 16 year old at Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is in love with the One Who Has Made It All! Her favorite things in the world are traveling to India to visit her family, pasta, and Special K Strawberry Cereal. Sharon’s biggest passion and goal in this life is the find Jesus in the broken-hearted, the hurt, and of course, come close to His feet everyday.

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