Spiritual Spring Cleaning


By: Ellie Falahee

As the sun finally starts to light our days again, replacing the darkness of winter, I am struck by feelings of relief and renewal. No longer is the sky a monochrome cloud of gray sadness requiring me to bring both my umbrella and my warmest coat wherever I venture! The light has returned, and with it, life abundant – evidenced in the colorful flowers, verdant trees, and bustle of children playing outdoors again.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for this reason exactly: it reminds me that the darkness shall pass, giving way to new life and new beginnings. As summer creeps up and more and more light begins to pour into our everyday, I wanted to encourage us to use this change of season to shed some new light into our spiritual journeys with a few practical tips for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning:   

  1. Make space for God! Just as you pass along your clothes that no longer fit, or put away your winter boots for the summer, look for areas in your spiritual life that you might be holding on to things which do not belong. Stresses about school? Anxieties about friendships or self-worth? Whatever it may be, lay it down with the Lord and trust that He will hold onto it for you, filling you with His grace and mercy instead.  

  2. Choose a new spiritual book to start. (New beginnings!) My personal go-to’s are anything by St. John Paul II or C.S. Lewis, but here is a comprehensive list of even more acclaimed Christian writers to encourage you in your faith: https://www.listchallenges.com/50-books-every-catholic-should-read

  3. Summer probably presents a very different schedule than the school year. Make a realistic prayer plan that you can actually stick to during this new season and invite a friend to hold you accountable.

BUT – remember His mercies are new every morning! This feeling of renewal as winter gives way to the vibrant spring is the same newness we should feel each morning. It’s okay (in fact, expected!) that we will fall short in our attempts for holiness. But, God’s mercies make every day a new beginning – sunny skies or gray. It is my hope and prayer for all of you that this season brings growth and fruit (both literally and spiritually)! Happy spring!


Ellie is a nineteen year old freshman at the University of Michigan who loves to learn, to explore, and to hear other peoples' stories. She feels most alive when serving others or spending time in the great outdoors. (Bonus points for doing both at the same time!) Her favorite things include mountains, ginger tea, good books, and authentic laughter. And, she really hates cheese.

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