The Priceless Gift of a Friend


By: Mary Benz


Just last week I had to say goodbye to a friend from college for almost an entire year. Although it was so hard to say goodbye for that long, something she said really struck me. She told me, “Mary, we will be together every day in the Eucharist!” We set up a time every week that we would pray together in spirit even though she will be across the world.

Then it hit me: not only does Christ remain forever close to us, especially in the Eucharist, but he also enables us to remain close to one another in his Sacred Heart. Even if we are separated from those that we love by thousands of miles, in Christ we can remain even closer together than when we are in the same place.

Things are always changing, people are always moving in and out of our lives, and time only goes faster and faster as we get older, but Christ is so constant. His love and peace can truly transcend all the chaos of life, and he desires to let this constancy overflow into our relationships. I think that the community of the Be Love Revolution has the power to foster such deep friendships, as I am sure many of you have experienced. These friendships that are based fundamentally in a love for Jesus Christ are so different than those of the rest of the world. I have made several life-long friends through the Be Love Revolution, who will always be with me in the Eucharist, always with me in prayer, and always there to push me closer to Christ. This reminds me of Sirach 6:15 where it says, “Faithful friends are beyond price, no amount can balance their worth.” How priceless are holy, Christ-centered friendships! They can be our foundation to strengthen us to go out into the world and share the love of Jesus.  

Today, let’s all take some time to pray and thank God for each of the friends he has blessed us with. Maybe you can call or write a letter to a good friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while, and let her know how much her friendship means to you. Let us treasure the great gift of friendship that God has blessed us with, especially the friendships that are rooted in him. And remember, no matter how far apart you may be from those you love, in Christ, you are together in his Heart.


Mary is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame but from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is studying Theology and Pre-Med and hopes to become a pro-life doctor one day! She is the 3rd of 8 kids and is passionate about her big family, friends, and being love! In her free time, Mary loves to read, run outside, listen to podcasts, and hang out with her siblings.

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