Pursue Him


By: Abby Randolph


It’s Holy Week, the holiest week of the year. It’s the week where after forty days of fasting, praying, and almsgiving, we remember and celebrate Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness and noise of life and to let this week become like any other week (or maybe even let it become crazier and busier). Maybe it’s been a rough Lent or it’s a hard season of life. Maybe the nearness of finals is looming overhead or you’re bogged down by any other host of distractions. But it’s so important to stop, be still and enter in over the next couple of days.

My Lent was far from the way that I was hoping it’d go and I ended up begging the Lord to help me just get out of bed and through the day a few times. And I spent most of last week with a pretty awful case of tonsillitis. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and extremely discouraged.

But God came and revealed Himself to me in incredible power and healing. It was beyond anything that I had experienced before. Over the past few days, He’s been calling me deeper into intimacy and love with Him. And as we enter Holy Week He’s been gently asking, “Will you pursue me as I pursue you?”

Jesus became fully man so that He might completely understand us and so that we might completely know God. Whatever you’re struggling with right now, He’s felt it and gone through it. In His agony in the garden of Gethsemane, He was feeling and carrying the weight of every sin and the consequence of every sin. You’re not alone.

Our God came and gave up His power and allowed Himself to suffer and die just for the chance that we would choose Him back.

This week is a perfect time to put ourselves in the scenes of the Passion and to lay ourselves at the foot of the Cross in absolute thanksgiving for what Jesus has done for us. It’s a perfect time to recommit ourselves to the pursuit of the God who pursued and chose us first.

Even right now, stop and take a deep breath. Allow your mind and heart to be still, even if for just a few seconds, and invite Jesus to be with you wherever you are. Ask Him to reveal Himself, and His love, to you in a new way. When he has, respond to Him. Maybe that response is repentance or a recommitment of yourself to Him. Maybe it’s taking the crown off of yourself or whatever you’ve crowned king of your life, and placing it back on Jesus’s head. Maybe it’s embracing Him back and allowing yourself to be loved by Him. Maybe it’s speaking out a declaration of truth or whispering a quiet “yes.” Whatever it is, Jesus delights in you and in your love for Him.

As we celebrate this Holy Week, I encourage you to spend some time each day in the quiet and stillness with Jesus. I encourage you to just allow Him to love you. Everything starts and flows out of His incredible gift of life-giving love. So just say yes and receive. From there everything else will fall into place.  


Abby Randolph is first and foremost a beloved daughter of the Father and seeks to fully live out that identity in her life. She works as a full time nanny, part time worship leader, and is a student at Encounter Ministries’ School of Supernatural Ministry. Abby enjoys spending her free time with family and friends and going on Holy Spirit adventures.

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