Truth in Love


By: Mary Benz


In a culture that is so divided on countless issues, sometimes it seems that we, as Christians, must choose between compassion and the truth. Being on a college campus, I am constantly bombarded with this reality. For example, the recent abortion laws passed in New York and Virginia that take away many of the restrictions on abortion are being masqueraded as a promotion of “women’s rights” and a great victory for society. At the same time, pro-life individuals are accused of bigotry and disregard for women’s freedom. It often appears that we must choose to either defend the truth or to love others, and that the two are at odds with one another.

But, dear sisters, this isn’t true! St. Augustine said, “The greatest kindness one can render to any man is leading him to truth.” God gave us the truth and the law out of his great love in order that we might become free. When we live as God wants us to live, we are freed from slavery to sin, so that we can love and live freely as we were made to.

When we share the truth with a friend, even though sometimes it’s hard, we actually have the opportunity to lead that friend closer to God who is Truth itself. Knowing the truth will make that friend more free and fully himself. Sharing the truth with someone is a great act of love rather than an act of judgment. When we care so deeply for another person that we are willing to take the risk to lovingly share with them the truth that brings freedom and life, we are able to imitate Christ who died to defend the truth of his infinite love for us, even though many hated him for it.

It seems funny, but I like to think about the Israelites in the Old Testament and how much they loved the law. Psalm 119:97 says, “Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.” They saw that the law did not stem from God’s wrath or his desire to make them less free, but quite the opposite. The Israelites were honest with themselves about man’s incapacity to fulfill himself and free himself from all the temptations and desires of the flesh and the world. They saw that God loved his people so much that he was willing to show them the path to life. God gives us his law in order that we might have life and true freedom.

I think that when God frees us from sin and chasing after our own desires, we will ultimately worry less about ourselves and have more time to love others and God. Maybe this will help us to be more aware of the needs of those around us, such as our little siblings who want to play or our parents who need help around the house? This freedom can make each of us better Revolutionaries of Love!

How beautiful is it, ladies, that we are able to know and love the truth and the law that God has given to us? May we have the courage to always share and defend the truth with great love in order that every person we encounter might taste of the abundant life that Jesus so desires to give us!

As Revolutionaries of Love, sometimes our love may seem counter-cultural and people might not always agree with us. Let us pray for the grace and courage to love others enough to share the beautiful truth that Jesus has given to us.

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Mary is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame but from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is studying Theology and Pre-Med and hopes to become a pro-life doctor one day! She is the 3rd of 8 kids and is passionate about her big family, friends, and being love! In her free time, Mary loves to read, run outside, listen to podcasts, and hang out with her siblings.

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