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By: Debbie Herbeck


Does your soul feel buried in the ice and snow of this extremely cold and interminably long winter? Are you flagging in zeal and dragging your feet as you “run the race”? Have you lost sight of your mission, purpose, and calling?

Never fear, springtime will come. It always does! The sun will shine, the trees will bud, and flowers will bloom. Your wardrobe will change and your Birkenstocks will reappear. But in the meantime, despite our tendency toward physical and spiritual hibernation, amid dark, cold mornings and gray days, the reality is that we are part of something bigger—a Revolution of Love.

So, as we face the doldrums of winter, (or senior year of high school), let’s call to mind and reclaim some important revolutionary truths.

#1 Revolution Begins with YOU.

Revolution isn’t just about something we go out and do, it begins within our own hearts.

“God wants to bring about revolution in our life, so that we no longer let God revolve around us (God for me), but, rather, we begin to revolve around God (me for God).” -Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen

To be a revolutionary of Love fundamentally means my life no longer belongs to me, it belongs to God—and not just in theory or as a future goal. Each morning, I wake up and say, “Jesus, my life belongs to you. Help me to live for you today. Help me, beginning with all the small things, to choose Your will and not my own.” I must do this daily, as I fight the temptation or come upon the realization, that in fear or mistrust I’ve taken my life back from Him.  

#2 Be the Face of Christ.

In an age that can’t remember what Jesus looks like or why He came in the first place, we are called to make Him known. It’s important to know why you believe and be able to express those truths to others, but it’s most important to personally know Who you believe in, and to let His Love within you begin to radiate outward to others. A dying Hindu man looked into the eyes of Mother Teresa, who had lovingly cared for him, and inquired: “Is your Jesus anything like you?” Wouldn’t it be amazing if people, observing our actions, and experiencing our love, asked us the same question?

#3 Be Holy.

In an unholy time—in a world filled with anger and animosity—be holy. To be holy isn’t scrupulous perfection or an attempt to earn God’s love and approval. It doesn’t mean being strange, un-relatable, or other-worldly. To be holy means to live in love as an all-consuming way of life. As a new creation in Christ, be part of a new humanity, a revolution comprised of saints. Heroic sanctity is a call within our reach if we live selflessly and do it all for Jesus.

#4 Be God’s Love in Action

Jesus came into this world for one purpose: He came to give us the good news that God loves us, that God is love, that He loves you, and He loves me. He wants us to love one another as He loves each one of us.” -St. Mother Teresa

There are so many good quotes by Mother Teresa about love, but love was not simply a theory she espoused, or words we can Instagram. It was what she practiced, choosing the same “little way” as her patron Therese of Lisieux, and doing the smallest actions out of love. In our culture, this approach requires great humility because most people won’t see or reward our small efforts to love others. Making your brother’s lunch or speaking a kind word doesn’t make for an exciting post on social media. But it is God’s love in action, and it has the power to transform lives. “Live life beautifully,” Mother Teresa told us. This is what attracted people to her, and what will attract them to us.

#5 Let God Love YOU.

I constantly fall short of loving others, even in small things, and I can be discouraged by how much easier it is to criticize, complain about, or be annoyed by others (and I don’t just mean strangers).

We are only able to be revolutionaries of Love to the extent that we allow God to love us. St. Therese realized her own inability to love and rather than giving up, she struck a deal with Jesus: “For me to love as You have loved me, I will have to borrow Your own love.” Ask, seek, knock, and don’t stop asking Jesus for an outpouring of more of His great love through his Holy Spirit.

“You and I have been created for greater things. We have not been created to just pass through this life without aim. And that great aim is to love and be loved.”  -Mother Teresa, patron saint of Be Love Revolution



Debbie Herbeck is a Jewish convert to Catholicism and an English major who wishes she had more time to write. She is trying each day to be present to the people around her and to practice loving. She loves warm weather, playing sports, cooking, and helping others, especially young people know Jesus. In addition to directing Pine Hills Girls Camp and Be Love Revolution, she also writes for Blessed is She.

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