Identity Crisis


By: Meghan Schultz


2019 has been moving very quickly. Between the continually increasing number of snow days my school has had in the past month, and the continually increasing pressure of college decisions, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. There are days when it is easier to choose joy, and find peace in enjoying the moment, but there are other days when four people have asked me whether I’ve made a final decision about college yet, my teachers are rushing through material because of yet another snow day, and the impromptu to-do list on the back of my hand is only getting longer.

However, I am finding that resting in the Lord is helping those difficult days to pass by more peacefully than they do with any other strategy I’ve invented out of stress. The message I’ve received from God in that decision is to reflect on the past year and to have confidence in knowing my Creator. The overwhelming message in this world can be to seek your worth in anything and everything: a grade, a friend, a boy, or in whatever you want to do in a given moment, without thinking. My sisters, this lie is killing more genuine confidence and real beauty than we realize. It extends from the trend of negativity to compete with each other over who is having the worst day, to seeing a friend feeling heartbroken over simply not having a boyfriend, to towers in New York being lit up pink to celebrate a “victory for women” that will actually prevent even more women (and men) from ever having a voice to speak for themselves. Ladies, do not seek your source of empowerment from anything in this world, including yourself. Living as a daughter of the King of the Universe means you do not have to seek meaning from anything, or anyone, except the One who knows everything there is to know about you.

Deciding where to go for college next year has been a tumultuous and revealing process. Trying to determine my future has forced me to learn more about myself, my surroundings, and what I want for my life. What it has taught me the most, however, is that on those days when I am not focused on the Lord, but I am searching for answers anywhere else, it is easy to become lost. However, when I simply remember Who He Is, his life-giving power reminds me who I am. He reminds me that I am not the sum of one decision, and that when I look to him for joy and hope that does not disappoint, there is no reason to fear.

Whether your challenge is taking a path of positivity, learning to embrace life without wishing for a different one, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, or trying to offer up the next four years of your life, the Lord wants you. He wants to fight the good fight with you, and he wants to remind you of who you are because of Who He, the God who is Love, will always be.


Meghan is a senior in high school who hopes you enjoy the blog! This year, she’s excited to explore the world a little more, get to know Jesus a lot more, and discover her inner creative through more writing and reading. 

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