At the Foot of the Cross


By Emily Messiter


The journey here has been long, watching Jesus suffer with each step. We have arrived to Calvary, where they drive nails into His hands and feet, spitting upon Him and mocking the One who least deserves it. He has walked this journey; He has chosen His place upon the cross; here He is crucified. And still He suffers. I expect Him to show His glory by saving Himself from such pain and humiliation, or, if He must die, to do so quickly. But still, He breathes. Still, He speaks. Still, He loves.

Standing at the foot of the cross, I sting with shame, anger, and sadness. That should be me. I don’t deserve a love like this. What redemption can come from this?....His sorrowful eyes catch mine. He says that He has chosen each moment of His Passion with utmost intentionality. No greater love has man than this. He says that I am not condemned; rather, I am purchased at a great price. Go, and sin no more. He says that He made me for eternity with Him, and He will die to open Heaven’s door for me. You will be with me in paradise.

And I realize that on that cross, He is in no rush. He still has words to speak, forgiveness to impart, and boundless love to communicate, until He returns to the Father. Even now, Death does not have the last word. Already, there are rumblings of Resurrection. So nor will I hurry to see the suffering end. I will not flinch though they mock and threaten and try to tell me it’s all a lie or a fantasy. The Son of God thirsts for my life, and I will stay to receive His love, poured out abundantly from the cross.

Song: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us - Adam Wheatley

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