The Cross has the Final Word


By Ellie Falahee


As Emily reminded us last week, the foot of the Cross is a powerful place to abide. By placing ourselves at Christ’s feet during His Passion, we witness His redeeming mercy in the most fruitful way. But, we also remember that it is our shortcoming that merited such suffering to begin with.

As we continue to think about humbling ourselves before Christ Crucified, I have been reflecting a lot about what this means for us. A song I stumbled upon a few weeks ago sings, “There’s nothing stronger, nothing higher….The cross has the final word.” And, I love that! It can be all too easy to hone in on the other words we hear and feel we are nothing more than a sum of the positive and negative words that define us. It can be tempting to get lost in the attempt of “measuring up,” to lose ourselves in queries of if we are smart enough, pretty enough, kind enough, and good enough. But the only “enough” that matters, is whether God is merciful enough to save us. And, He already answered that with a resounding YES through His blood at Calvary. By standing at the feet of Christ Crucified, we are reminded that we are imperfect and broken and in need of saving. But, we also remember that despite all this, the Cross has the final word. We have hope because we don’t have to prove our worthiness. We simply abide at Christ’s feet and allow His blood to cleanse us; His mercy to claim us.

Debra HerbeckComment