Into the Silence


By Kristen Perrydore


Less of you, more of Me. This is the phrase that kept coming to me in prayer as I prepared for the holy season of Lent. This world is loud and so am I. In 1 Kings 19:12, God comes in a still, small voice. In my life, there is seldom room to hear this voice. As a result, I find it easy to feel lost, abandoned, discouraged, resentful, and the list goes on. The problem is not that Jesus does not hear and see me. The problem is that my life is too loud to listen. The problem might even be that I am afraid to listen. If I really listened to what Jesus wanted to tell me, and looked at what He wanted to show me, I would have to humble myself and acknowledge the brokenness that is in my heart. Yikes. Most of the time, I would rather not go there. But remember that still, small voice? If we are humble enough and brave enough to enter into the quiet depths of our hearts, we will have the chance to encounter that voice.

As I reflected more on the noise in my life, I became confused because much of it is not bad. The issue is that I hide behind it. I spend a significant amount of time reading devotionals and prayer books. I also find that I almost always have music or a podcast playing. None of these things are bad, however, I came to a realization about them in my own life. I have been using them excessively to avoid silence. I am afraid of my thoughts and I am afraid to go deeper with the Lord. Books, music, and podcasts are all good and beautiful things that should have a place in our lives. But remember that still, small voice that I mentioned? That voice needs a place in your life too. That is the voice that I am choosing to focus on this Lent. I have taken a step back from some of the louder things in my life so that I have more opportunities to hear His voice. In doing this, I am allowing Jesus to take me where He wants to take me. This might sound scary or really hard. It definitely requires some practice. I promise that you will find making room for silence worth your while, because Jesus’ voice will be found here. He will be here to encourage you, remind you of your worth, and remind you how beautiful you are to Him. He will show up in the silence in a personal and intimate way. It is in the silence that you will discover a new and deep desire to have a relationship with Jesus. It is here that He will answer some of your greatest questions. It is here where He will tell you what step to take next. It is here that He will affirm your identity as His daughter. My sisters, quiet your hearts. He is waiting for you.

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