BONUS BLOG: Broken Chains

By: Sharon Jacobs


The truth is, we are all exhausted.

This life is filled with so many tears, worries and regrets that it can seem as though this is our reality. Insecurity and uncertainty can eat our very being alive. It can drown us, and it can kill us—not only our physical bodies, but our souls as well. The Devil uses our flaws, our past mistakes, and our egos to lure our hearts away from the One who has loved, who does love, and who will forever love us so recklessly; the One who calls for us to have a relationship with Him. Jesus is the Lover that will love us through our faults; He is the only One who never disappoints; He cares so, so much for every single one of our needs. There are times where He will not seem to be present, but He is carrying you, He is always there.

Rather than bringing our insecurities and fears in humility to the foot of the Cross, we easily give ourselves over to fleeting things, approval, and pleasures—to broken people, wrong relationships, sex, drugs, and alcohol.

But only the Cross sets us free. Giving ourselves to Christ does not mean a happy, perfect life from here on out. In fact, life will still hurt us, and it will give us reasons to live in uncertainty and insecurity, but following Christ will set us free. Our relationship with Jesus is one that requires discipline and patience, but placing hope in the miracle of His love offers a peace that cannot be comprehended. It is, in truth, difficult to trust someone whom you do not see, but each one of our fears are conquered by His blood, once we turn to Him. No longer are we bound to be slaves of pain. Someone who loves us perfectly has fought the fight for us and He has won; He simply asks that we pursue a friendship with Him and to love Him recklessly, even when it hurts.

Even when we are victims, when we have the right to accuse and to be angry, when we are gossiped about or misunderstood, we are called to turn to the Cross and love. Love will set us free. Every day, Jesus calls my name and your name. He created us with His infinite, unsurpassable love, and we are made worthy of it. Even the greatest sins Jesus is willing to forgive, if only each of us turned to Him in all things.

Dear reader, I ask that you do not waste the living miracle of love. Our fears, our hurt, our insecurities were meant to be given to Jesus to show to us how badly we are in need of Him. Look around you…is not the world filled with brokenness, war, and hatred? These things take root in insecurity and jealousy even at a young age. I urge you to take every frustrating situation, any bruises in your heart and soul, and any shattered relationships to the feet of Jesus. Let Him break your chains. You were created to thrive in an everlasting happiness with the One who is so in love with every single part of you.