BONUS BLOG: Do You See You?


Something my dear friend said at Pine Hills 2018 really struck me. We had just woken up along with the rest of our cabin when, standing in front of the mirror, she proclaimed, “Isn’t is awesome to look in the mirror and not see your features, but only see you?” I just stood there, probably with some sort of awestruck expression on my face. Yes! Yes, it is very awesome. That sentence said out loud is so simple, a very easy and practical part of everyday life. So why is it so hard for us to believe it and apply it to our everyday lives? Why do we always scrutinize our reflection?

I believe our difficulty in finding our own self-worth is related to insecurity, feeling not good enough, and the idea that our bodies are something to perfect. I believe that finding out what God thinks about us is the best solution. During my bible time, I flipped to a random page that turned out to be in Song of Songs. I read it twice from start to finish. The first time through, I read it from the perspective of my future husband. The second time through, I read it like it was from God to me. God’s love for me became so much more real! His love is so mighty, and He shows us that love so we know it, but also so we can display that love to others. It’s His promise to us, and He will never ever break that promise! We are not meant to find our worth and love for ourselves in anything other than God Himself.

Remember at the beginning when I asked why we are always scrutinizing our reflection? Well guess what? It’s just our reflection! A reflection is only from our point of view, no one else’s—not our friends, our family, our co-workers or classmates, and definitely not God’s.  So, the next time you look in the mirror, check your motives. Don’t look to see if that red mark has gone away or if new ones have appeared. Don’t look to make sure your friends will like your outfit. And certainly, don’t look to see if the lies Satan is feeding you are visible in your appearance. Look only to see you, not your features, not individual parts of you, but the person God sees and loves. Look and see in yourself the image of God and know that you are loved and valued.