An Invitation


Dear Fellow Revolutionaries,

As I write this letter, I am like you, beginning a new school year. For me, this new academic year will begin the realization of my life-long dream to be a medical doctor. Although I am a few steps ahead of many of you, I hope and pray that that we can walk together in our journey of faith. I want to encourage you to live as a revolutionary of Love and to continue to grow as a disciple of Christ. Ultimately, we are all striving for sainthood and heaven and we need each other! Allow your sisters in Be Love Revolution to inspire, push, and call you on towards this eternal goal.

I have been a part of the Be Love Revolution since it began in 2013. Through BLR I have developed friendships with women who are helping me grow closer to Christ. These relationships are at the heart of the Be Love Revolution. Living fully for Christ in this world is counter-cultural and it’s difficult, and we fight the good fight right alongside of each other. Through the joys and hardships of life, we remind each other of who we are as daughters of God. We are journeying towards heaven together and constantly calling each other on to grow in holiness. We are a source of support and inspiration for each other. These women are Christ’s hands and feet to me, and through their friendship, I better recognize this call to Be Love to others in my own life.

BLR not only motivates me to live out my faith, but it also provides me with opportunities to do so. It has been an honor to serve at Pine Hills Camp, to help with retreats and small groups, and to be a mentor to the high schoolers that are in the Be Love Revolution. Maybe the Lord is asking you to allow someone to walk alongside you as you journey with the Lord or to take a more active role as a leader in BLR!

To have this opportunity to grow in and live out my faith and to help others grow in their relationship with God, is such a blessing. Through this, I am motivated to spread the Revolution and live more boldly for the Lord in my everyday life. I know my faith will be counter-cultural in the secular environment of medical school, and while this will bring challenges, having the support and friendship of my fellow revolutionaries is reassuring and motivating. I have friends who I can reach out to for support and who will hold me accountable in my faith journey. Be Love Revolution is more than just the events or the women associated with it; our mission carries eternal significance. So, no matter where I am or who I am with, I will be striving for heaven, saying yes to the Lord, and spreading the Revolution. Will you join me in this exciting adventure?

Be His, Be Free, Be Love,

Ellery Sarosi