Motherhood--The High Way to Heaven


It’s 6 a.m. and the beginnings of a sunrise are starting to stream through my window. It’s a new day. He didn’t wake up last night and he is still sleeping at 6 a.m.—I celebrate the little victories. I get out of bed to start the day, but this morning is a little different. I’m not one to leave my house messy at night, but yesterday was a long day and this week has been a long week and this month has been a long month, so I didn’t pick up the house. Instead I had my husband pour me a glass of red wine and I let the tears fall from frustration. “Today is over,” he said. But this day is a new day and I pray for the grace to love. I drink the coffee, pick up yesterday’s mess, and try to let go of the past and start anew.

I grew up as one of eight children. Between babysitting my own siblings, babysitting other children, and reading many books, I felt relatively equipped to be a mom. I’m pretty organized and intentional about most of life and I thought that those gifts would be enough make my vocation of motherhood Pinterest-worthy and perhaps even idyllic. However, focusing on how I think motherhood should be or what it should look like does not allow me to fully experience what the Lord has for me. Focusing on the shoulds takes away from what really is.

The vocation, or call to motherhood is like the vocation to anything. Its purpose it to help make us holy. Its purpose is to help bring us closer to Jesus and closer to Heaven. I so often forget that the road to Heaven will include purification and stretching and growth. The call to motherhood includes just that. May I not run from that, but embrace it.

When I let myself compare my life to another mom’s Instagram account, when I let myself compare my child to another child, or when I compare my path in life to someone else’s, my joy is stolen. There is no room for true joy and contentment where comparison exists (which is why I’ve took social media out of the picture in my life).

You never really know with certainty what is going on in another person’s life. Someone may be struggling with infertility, an unplanned pregnancy, or emotional or psychological issues. Some people will get married earlier in life and others later. Some people will be stay at home moms and others will work outside of the home. Some people will have big families, small families, biological children or adopted children. Every story of motherhood is different, but we all have the same goal—getting to Heaven. This Mother’s Day, whether you're a mother or just honoring the one in your life, I invite you all to embrace your own story. Your story is the best one and the greatest adventure.