A Love Note from Mary

  A tender look of love between Jesus and His Mother.   Image taken from:  Saint Paul Catholic Church  in Lexington, KY.

A tender look of love between Jesus and His Mother. Image taken from: Saint Paul Catholic Church in Lexington, KY.

I considered backing out of writing this blog post because I felt like the most unqualified person to write about the most holy woman in history: Mary. But as I prayed, a memory bubbled to the surface.

Two years ago, I went to Mass at St. Paul in Lexington, Kentucky. Before the Mass started, an image in a stained-glass window totally captivated me. It was the image of Mary and Jesus in a tender embrace.

It had such a powerful effect on me that I wished I had taken a photo! I Googled the parish website, and they just so happened to have a photo album called “Window” with only five images in it. Two of the five images are of the same window: the one I was captivated by. They have at least twenty windows. If this isn’t Mary wanting to be shared with you through my pen, I’m not sure what else could be.

So rather than rely on my own inabilities, I asked the Most Blessed Mother herself: What do you have to say to these beautiful young women?

This is her love note to you, yes you, the one reading this:

My Daughters,

You know who Your Father in Heaven is. But do you know that you have a Holy Mother too? I mean, do you really know, deep in your soul?

I am many things, most of which you cannot comprehend. But the most important is this: I am your Mother. I fulfill where human mothers fall short. I will never disappoint you. I delight in your existence because you are a daughter of the Most High King.

When you hurt, come to me.

When you’re lonely, come to me.

When your life is a mess, come to me.

And I will carry your suffering to the foot of the cross, where my heart was martyred for love of my Son as I watched him die upon the cross: a sacrifice He wanted to make because He loves you that much.

My daughters, sometimes you feel empty; human nature doesn't always provide the nurturing love and affirmation you need to grow into emotionally healthy adults. In your deepest of hearts, you wonder if there is something wrong with you, and you look for love in the wrong places.

My beautiful and radiant daughters, how can you grasp how incredibly loved you are? The hairs on your head have been counted! And all of Heaven waits to welcome you home.

Come to me with all of your hurts, with your emptiness and heartbrokenness, and I will shine my Radiant Motherly Love upon you, filling all the empty spaces of your being with the love that has not been given to you as it should have been. I, through my Son, will make your heart whole again.

I see you, I love you, and I delight that you exist.


Your Mother


Our Mother wants to hear about our lives, our hopes and dreams, just like Our Heavenly Father does. Don’t be afraid to start your own conversation with our Blessed Mother.

How can I talk to Mary today?

  1. Like a daughter would speak to her mother.

  2. As a friend to another friend.

  3. As a prayer team. Ask her to bring your petitions before her Son.

  4. Envision her alongside you, in this very moment. How does she look at you? What do her eyes look like? Does she scoop you up in a big teddy bear hug? Does she laugh with you, cry with you, console or encourage you? Use your imagination, imaginative prayer is powerful!