The Easter Light


One of my favorite worship songs ever is “What a Beautiful Name” by Hillsong. The bridge summarizes the Resurrection of Christ in a powerful way that touches me every single time I hear it. It says, “The Heavens are roaring the praise of your glory, for you are raised to life again. You have no rival, You have no equal. Now and forever God you reign!”  

I think what strikes me most about these lyrics is the fact that nothing rivals God – even Satan’s most powerfully evil act proved but a fraction of the power of our Lord. A couple of days ago, it seemed the devil had won – the King of the Universe was beaten, whipped, forced to carry His own cross, and brutally murdered without even a fight back. However, Easter serves as evidence that even in these moments, when darkness seems to have overcome the Light, our God is omnipotent, and no one – even the enemy himself – has power to challenge Him. But what’s even better news is the fact that although His power is perfectly complete in and of itself, He chooses to share it with us.

At the Easter Vigil, the Priest says “the things of heaven are wed to those of Earth”. The roaring Heavens and omnipotent God who created them, are united to us through an unbreakable bond! How incredible is that? We, undeserving and unfaithful, are chosen by God in His Goodness to be recipients of His relentless love and redeeming mercy – to partake FOREVER in His outpouring of life! This is the Good News of Easter -the Light of the world is within us!

But, Easter presents us with a call to action, too. At the Easter Vigil, every member of the congregation begins the Mass with an unlit candle, until eventually, the Priest takes the flame of the Easter Candle and begins sharing the fire with every member of the congregation. Within minutes, the once-dark room fills with hundreds of flickering lights until the darkness dissipates entirely. To me, this is the Easter Challenge – we are to overcome the darkness of the world by sharing the light of Christ that is in our hearts with those around us. Like Mary Magdalene, sprinting from the empty tomb to joyfully proclaim to the world that Christ is risen, we should zealously pass the light with which He fills us to all the hearts of those around us.

And what’s the best way to emulate this light? 1 John 2:10 tells us simply, “If we love others, we live in the light…there is nothing in us that will cause someone else to sin.” So, to summarize: The all-powerful and ever-knowing God who sees our iniquities and understands our shortcomings, chose to die so that we wouldn’t have to; He conquered darkness so that we might live in light. Therefore, it is our mission, as disciples of Christ in general, and as Be Love Revolutionaries in particular, to not let His sacrifice be in vain – to go out into the world as beacons of His light and love, understanding that alone we can do nothing, but together, with the light of God illuminating our hearts, darkness cannot even rival the Light.

On Friday, we mourned the death of our Lord; a death resulting from our sins and subsequent infidelity. But today, we celebrate. We celebrate because the same Lord who hung on a cross because of our sins, deems us worthy of redemption and deserving of love.

“We are the Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song.” – Pope John Paul II