Made for Greatness

The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.
— Pope Benedict XVI

As humans, we have become content with staying inside our comfort zone. In fact, a lot of the time we crave being comfortable; whether it’s changing into sweatpants and sweatshirts after being in a fancy dress and heels, or curling up with the softest blanket one could find on a blustery winter day. This sort of comfort can be carried over into our spiritual lives as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fuzzy and warm things just as much as the next person, but we can’t rely solely on comfort if we want to grow closer to the Lord.  During Lent, we are called to risk our comfort for God and to step out onto the water to reach greatness.

I’m sure many of you have heard the quote above, but it’s been on my heart throughout Lent and even before then. I was sensing this year that God was going to present some sort of challenge to me. In the previous years, I’ve done social media and junk food detoxes, but I found myself returning back to my old habits once Lent was over. If I’m being totally honest, I have a really hard time stepping out of my comfort zone.  Some people may not know this about me, but I struggle with anxiety, so a lot of overthinking occurs when I try something that’s new for me. I also struggle with self-reliance. I find comfort in planning my own schedule and doing things on my own terms. Trusting others to be in control can be a challenge for me. So, when things don’t go the way I intended them to, anxiety and frustration creep in.

However, this year the Lord planted a thought in my head about fasting from doing just that. Whenever I catch myself getting anxious over things out of my control, or complaining about how my plans changed, I put them at the foot of the cross and say yes to His plan for me. I’ve realized two things: first, that saying yes to Him has to happen in those little moments, along with the big ones, and second, while this is challenging and uncomfortable for me, He is so worth it.  

Think about Peter when he took that step out of the boat after seeing Jesus walk toward him and the other disciples. Despite the fact that he was fearful, he did it anyway. Jesus is calling us to not be afraid during moments like these; so we should ask ourselves- are we willing to go there? Think about Christ dying on the cross for us. Comfortable is probably the last word that comes to mind when imagining this. However, his love for us is so great that He was willing to suffer for us and pay our debts. His grace will always outweigh the suffering we endure.

There is still time to take a bold leap of faith during this Lenten season. Part of being a revolutionary is being bold and trusting that He will bring something good out of everything. I encourage you to really dig deep and go to those uncomfortable and hard places. I know that is easier said than done, but you never know what He has in store for you!