So Grateful


The other day, as I was walking out of class with snow falling softly around me, I was seized with such intense gratitude that I almost doubled over under the weight of it.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, “I’m so grateful.”

My mind went back to the girl I was one year ago. Looking back on who I was, I can say with absolute confidence that I’m not the same person I was then.

But for how far I’ve come in a year, the journey has been far from easy. It took reopening old wounds and inviting Jesus into the hurts in order to forgive and heal. It took asking questions, being vulnerable, and believing that there was (and always is) more. It took learning how to renew my mind and change my old ways of thinking. It took becoming uncomfortable and allowing God to stretch me in ways I never thought I could. It took lying on my face, crying out to Daddy God, and learning how to let Him lift me into His arms. It took learning to lift my eyes off of the storm and crashing waves and up into the eyes of Jesus.

And standing in that parking lot on a snowy Monday night, and sitting here now, I can’t help but cry out in thanksgiving to a God who has brought me so far.

There are still days where I feel like I’m so far off from who I want to be; that I’ll never get there. Even in those moments, God gently reminds me how far I’ve come.

He reminds me that I’m His daughter and that He delights in me. He reminds me that I don’t have to prove myself or even strive for His love; He’s already so pleased with me. He reminds me that He came and died that I might have life abundantly. He reminds me that He makes all things new. He reminds me that I do belong and that I have a place in the body of Christ. He reminds me that the same Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead is alive and living in me. He reminds me that where Holy Spirit is, there is freedom. He reminds me that I am free.

And for all these things, I’m so incredibly grateful.

We have a God who sees us as more precious than His life itself. We have a God who is faithful; whose promises are “yes” and “amen.” We have a God who doesn’t leave us forsaken and who chose us before the beginning of time, destining us to be His.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving, eating lots of turkey and favorite sides, spending time with people we love, and maybe catching some z’s, let’s enter the gates of the Lord with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Let’s look over this last year and put our gratitude before His throne, thanking the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for all that He’s done. Because friends, He’s worth it. He’s so worthy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Song Suggestion: Thank You by Jonathan Helser (Bethel Music)