It’s Your Turn


I always thought that to be an evangelist and tell people about Jesus, my conversion story had to be super radical — like I was hooked on drugs, didn’t believe in any god, and actively hated the Church, and then in a moment of blinding light, I was knocked off my horse and God spoke to me in a big, booming voice and BAM, I’m now a disciple of Jesus.

The problem, thoug­­­h, is that my life didn’t look ANYTHING like that. I grew up in a loving family, was introduced to Jesus at a young age, and my life was simply growing deeper in relationship with Him. It was a simple conversion from any stand point. There weren’t any dramatic, life altering “come-to-Jesus” moments, but rather, consistent, everyday choices for Jesus, even when life got hard.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that the beauty of a personal testimony—my unique story of how Jesus has changed my life—is that as many different people are on the planet (about 7 billion), there will be that many different stories.

How Jesus has worked in your life, how you’ve encountered Him, how you’ve grown closer to Him through prayer, the sacraments, and fellowship with other believers is a story that only you can tell. When you share Jesus with other people, when you use your gifts and talents to glorify Him, you are showing a unique face of Christ that ONLY YOU CAN SHOW!

To be an evangelist, a Be Love Revolutionary, you don’t have to make it complicated. How you live your life speaks louder than your words. You can talk a lot about Jesus, but if your life and what you’re saying aren’t lining up, people will notice the hypocrisy. Choosing to be joyful, cheerful, loving, patient, kind, etc., speaks VOLUMES. One of my favorite authors, Dr. Peter Kreeft said this, “The world was won for Christ not by arguments but by sanctity: what you are speaks so loud, I can hardly hear what you’re saying!”

One of the coolest things I love about the Saints of the Catholic Church is that they’re dead.

Hear me out on this one.

The Saints are no longer living in this world and they’re living in the unveiled presence of God in Heaven. They’ve accomplished the task given to them when they were here on this earth. They fell in love with Jesus and loved the people around them so radically, that the Church sets them up as people of influence to model our lives after. Who are the Saints of today’s generation? Who will be the Saints that the Church will look back at in 100 years and point to as models and inspiration? It’s your turn. The Lord is raising up a new generation of Saints and He’s calling you. You are called to be an evangelist, you are called to BE LOVE, to BE HIS, and to BE FREE.

So, dear readers, no matter what stage of life that you’re in, know that the Lord is using you mightily — if you let Him. So, keep loving Jesus, keep pursuing a daily, consistent prayer life (which is just a conversation with God!), and keep sharing your talents and gifts because the world so desperately needs you.