A Mini Guide to Being a Revolutionary for Love

Claire: And we’re live from Ellery’s basement.

Ellery: Home sweet home. So, let’s start with introductions! Claire, tell me about yourself.

Claire: I’m a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Michigan, studying nursing. A fun fact about me is that I just bought a new bike—it’s a real sweet ride. Biking is my favorite mode of transportation. Actually, it’s my only mode of transportation. How about you, Ellery?

Ellery: Interestingly, I bike to work almost every day so I guess we have that in common! I’m 22 and I just graduated from college and I’m working in the ECMO Lab at the University of Michigan this year with hopefully medical school in the future. But we’ll see what the Lord has in store!

Claire: Let me throw a random ice breaker question at you. Who do you admire?

Ellery: I know we’re both tempted to say Debbie Herbeck, but right now, Maggie Ronayne comes to mind. That girl has such a contagious joy for life, and her faith and hope are so anchored in Jesus. She inspires me!

Ellery: Here’s another icebreaker. What are you most excited about this year?

Claire: I can’t say I’m too thrilled for school, but I’m excited because I live with 5 other girls in our tiny cute house and I’m really excited to get to know them this year. How about you?

Ellery: I’m really excited to be living in Ann Arbor for the year, and to be intentional about growing in friendship with the wonderful women in this Christian community.


Ellery: Shameless plug! So, I think we’ve broken the ice sufficiently, let’s jump into our topic of the Be Love Revolution for our blog post!

Claire: I think there’s a key word there that we want to get at—REVOLUTION. It’s an inflammatory word, so it’s interesting to combine it with Be Love. The word revolution denotes rebellion and conflict, right? In this context, I think the point of the word is that it’s seeking after change—in this case, the transformation of hearts by unconditional love.

Ellery: I definitely agree; the word revolution carries a lot of weight. There’s action behind it. I think the words Be Love also require action. So, Be Love Revolution is a fitting name because we’re opening ourselves up to the transformative Love of God, which creates a revolution, an upheaval in our own lives. From there we create change through spreading our message of love to others. To call ourselves revolutionaries, we’re saying that we want to spread this message of love and hope to all of those around us.

Claire: Talk about the connection between revolution and hope.

Ellery: Well, in my mind, we can’t have a revolution if we don’t have hope in something bigger, something worth fighting for. For us, it’s Jesus. He’s the one at the heart of this revolution, our love, and our mission.

Claire: I love the motif of hope as an anchor—a total revolution is no easy feat, and we need to be anchored in something strong, unchanging, unmovable. The anchor of our souls is Jesus Christ.

Ellery: Here’s a Mini Guide to Being a Revolutionary for Love! 
Step One: BE HIS. Grow in your own relationship with Jesus. We can’t give what we don’t have. Recognize that we need Jesus in every moment, and that when we’re weak, He’s strong. Be intentional about asking Him to fill you. Starting my mornings with a personal prayer time grounds my day in the truth that the Lord is beside me in every step I take. Outside of our Beloved events it may be harder to remember where our hope and inspiration for our revolution comes from, how can we continue to spread the Revolution?

Claire: It’s a matter of reminding ourselves what it is (or Who it is) that we have decided to give our lives to. Realize that even though your fuzzy feelings might subside, the truth is still the Truth. Establish routines like having a daily prayer time. As soon as I wake up, I need to be asking the Lord, “Help me to love those you put in front of me today.” I won’t be able to do that unless I ask Him for the grace—it’s not my love, it’s His.
And then, Step Two: BE LOVE. Do what you were BORN TO DO: show that love to others! We have been given such Good News! We have a responsibility to spread it.

Ellery: We have what the world is searching for— something deeper, something more lasting. Think about the people that God puts in your life as those He is calling you to love today and try to share the Revolution with them personally. I try to begin every interaction that I have with a brief silent prayer asking Jesus to help me be Christ to that person.

Claire: That prayer can be so chill sometimes. If reciting familiar prayers is one side of the spectrum, this is the other. It’s almost a mindset thing: once you learn to rely on God for the daily interactions, your heart will begin to turn to the Lord for help, even before you can form the words of a prayer in your head.

Ellery: Here is Step Three: Recognize that every moment is a MOMENT FOR THE REVOLUTION. That person I’m passing by on the street or somebody serving me in a coffee shop, or a friend who asks where I’m going when I’m headed to church, or maybe someone who comes to me hurting and in search of help--is a person that God has put in my life. Even if it’s just a brief encounter, it is still an opportunity for me to be love.

Claire: And in the end, we must give thanks. Being a revolutionary requires us to change our lives before helping others change. Spread the Truth fearlessly, and do it all for the glory of God. As revolutionaries, let’s be bold in what we believe!