There are some words used in the bible that we just don’t hear very often in our modern world, and so they fail to carry their weight. “Behold” is one of those words that has begun to fascinate me, because Jesus used it to grab our attention and make a really important point.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with them , and they with Me.

I went to Webster's Dictionary for a little help with this word:

be·hold, a verb. To see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one). To look with deep understanding; to take your breath away, to give your undivided attention to.

This definition rattles me a bit, because it’s so hard to do. To behold someone or something, and in particular, to “behold Jesus”, means stopping still, ceasing all other activities, and giving my full attention and searching gaze to Him. He stands knocking at the door of my heart and says, “I’m here, look at (behold) me!” He will not enter in uninvited, where there is no space or place for Him. But the instant we ask Him to come, He is there.

Think about what captivates you (what you are held captive by), because that is what you are most likely spending your time and energy “beholding.” Whether it’s a Netflix series, a Snapchat streak, a celebrity crush, or making social connections, if we fill our time, our hearts and minds with so many unremarkable things, we won’t have room for the Most Impressive One, who is calling out to us and saying, “I’m here, look at (behold) me!”

Jesus knows our hearts and intentions (better than we do!), and He responds to the cry of our hearts, not simply the words on our lips. He is not interested in being treated like a vending machine—a dispenser of good feelings or stuff we think we need. He wants to engage our hearts in a real relationship of trust and love; one that grows and flourishes.

The truth is, that at this very moment, Jesus stands at the door of your heart and He knocks—persistently and patiently, waiting for you to stop, to open your heart and to behold Him. What amazing, humble love this is, that the Creator of the Universe, waits for you. Let’s take time to listen for Him, to behold Him. Let’s not keep Him waiting any longer.