Woman Crush Wednesday, That’s Still a Thing Right?

As women, the world tells us a million and one things about who we should be. And I know for me, I often fall short of who I’m created to be and end up subscribing to how the world says a woman should look, act, or feel if we want to be “empowered.” But as Christian women, we are called to transform the culture with the true beauty and goodness of a woman, shown to us by Mary and revealed in us by Christ. Venerable Fulton Sheen writes,

“To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”

To transform the culture, we need to start by lifting up and honoring women in our everyday lives who live heroic virtue daily and are setting the world ablaze by their holiness and authenticity. We all need a little motivation and inspiration, right? I WILL START! Today I want to honor Be Love Revolution founder, my mom, and inspiration to everyone she meets (and probably everyone who hasn’t met her…let’s be real), Debbie Herbeck! I want to briefly talk about three things that I love and respect her for, and how those three things combat false images of womanhood in the world. Get ready to take notes ladies!

1. Sacrifice: Just like any mama, my mom is the most sacrificial person that I know. Not only did she make sacrifices for us kids on a regular basis, she lives her entire life as a sacrifice to God. When she was in college, she converted from Judaism to Christianity. It wasn’t until I got older that I began to see how much my mom truly gave up to follow Jesus with her whole life. She gave up everything that was comfortable, a life that she knew, and a future that she knew, to run after the Lord. In everything that she does each day, she consistently sacrifices big and little things to serve the Lord. In the world, sacrifice is seen as too hard, too demanding, not fun, or uncomfortable. Instead of sacrifice, we prefer self-indulgence. What can make me comfortable? What can make me look the best, feel the best? But sacrifice is essentially the heart of God, because you can’t have true love without sacrifice. My mom constantly reflects the heart of God to her family and to others through sacrifice.

2. Strength: My mom can bench press 300 lbs. Kiddinggggg! Not that kind of strength, however even though she is small, she could probably beat you up if she wanted to. But it’s a strength that echoes, a strength that resounds because it is so deeply rooted in who she knows she is in Christ. True strength empowers other people and brings them along on the journey—and that is exactly what my mom does with every woman she meets. The world’s version of strength that women are supposed to possess is power power power! How can I step over you to get what I want? How can I push to make myself heard and known? The strongest is the one who can trample their way to what they want, who assume the strength of men. But that’s not what Mary showed us. She wasn’t weak and shy, but she was steady and confident in her identity. My mom withstands the storms of life with grace and peace—a sign of true strength.

3. Humility:  C.S. Lewis once said that humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. My mom runs multiple different ministries that are incredibly impactful for people, she speaks all of over the country, and she does amazing work with her life; yet she doesn’t boast, she’s not proud and she does all of these things truly for the glory of God. In a world where we put on display everything that we do in a picture or 140 characters, that way of living life is rare. Her humility comes from knowing and living out the fact that God is first in her life, and thinking about Him and His glory more than herself and her own glory. The world tells us that it is all about me—how can I create a life for myself that people see and acknowledge? How can everyone see what I’m doing? A humble woman, like my mom, draws people past herself toward God.

This post could last for at least 10 more pages, but my mom will not be happy with me if I go any further. But to me, and countless women, she is a role model in the faith and an example of what a true woman of God looks like. Who in your life calls you on to be a better woman? Who can you honor today and lift up in a society so full of falsehoods about femininity and womanhood? Together we can strive to be incredible woman of God and truly raise the standard for women in society.

Debbie, on behalf of all the women of the Be Love Revolution, we thank you for your commitment to the Lord and His plan for your life! We are deeply blessed by all the ways you have said yes to Him!

Today is Debbie’s birthday! If you have a birthday wish or comment for our amazing founder, Debbie Herbeck, please write it below!