A Little TLC: Our Role as Christian Women Today

I'm not one for politics. It's simply not my cup of tea. 

But recently, the political sphere has shined a spotlight on women. Or maybe more accurately, women have placed themselves in the political spotlight. Either way, as a woman, these events have caught my attention.

Many people have presented many different ideas and opinions on what it means to be a feminist and a woman in general. As women we are being bombarded with so much information and quite honestly, it's hard to sift through it all and discern what is true. 

At the end of the day, all I care about is being the woman Jesus wants me to be. But figuring out what that means can be difficult at times. In recent weeks, one question in particular has been permeating my thoughts and my prayer life: what is my role as a Christian woman in America?

The answer: TLC.

I’m not talking about the television network or "tender loving care," but truth, light, and charity. I'm all about practicality and the Lord knew that when I brought that question to Him. He could have given me a very beautiful intellectually and theologically rich dissertation about womanhood, but instead He gave me three guiding words that conveniently assemble into a well-known acronym. He knew that I needed something easy to grasp that could fit nicely into my spiritual tool belt and be used in day-to-day life.

Let's explore what those three words mean and their function as tools in helping us navigate our role as Christian woman in America.

A fundamental truth of human existence is that we were created by God. I know, you've heard this statement before, but how often do you sit and really mull over what it means to be God's creation? God intentionally made you, every hair on your head, every bone in your body. He created your specific compilation of gifts and talents. And yes, He made you a woman for a reason too. Nothing about you or your life is a mistake. Every part of you is for a purpose. You have a call, a mission, and a vocation that is uniquely and beautifully yours, and no one else could ever possibly live life the way that you do. 

Action: Soak that truth up like a sponge, embrace it, and rock it. 

Once we know truth, we must share it with others. Truth is not meant to be hidden, but to be radiated outward in order to bring light to the world. The best part is that when you live a life steeped in truth, this happens automatically. Think of some of the most awesome and holy women you know. You're drawn to them and you want to be around them because there is something different about them that you just can't put your finger on. That mysterious quality is truth radiating out of them. 

Action: Unleash the light of truth in you and let it shine brightly. 

Charity is another word for love. As I said above, people are drawn to people who radiate the light of truth. People will be drawn to you and that's when you are given the opportunity to love them with Christ's love. No matter how similar or different they are from us, we must encounter each and every person with love.

Action: Be God’s Love to all people.

Let's do this, sisters. Let's bring a little TLC to our country and our world.

Image via Hannah Faith Photography