Morning Glory


My eyes squint as I turn to smack my snooze button. Dusty sunlight trickles in through the cracks of my blinds and reminds me that a new day is calling. I groan, flop back down on my pillow, and stare blankly at the ceiling. I have to make a decision. Either I suck up my exhaustion and get out of bed, or I resign to the more tempting offer of cozying back under the comforter for another half hour. Besides, what else could be more important than sleep for a worn-out college student? As I pull the blanket back up to my chin, I see my ignored devotional book perched on my side table and my question is answered. Jesus.

When the focus is on Him, the morning becomes an opportunity for peace instead of dread. There is something so beautiful about the stillness of a quiet house, birds chirping, and light streaks of pink and bright orange still smeared in the sky. It’s a new day, a new chance to be love to the world around us and to continue seeking after the One who is love Himself. With a bible and prayer journal, a steaming mug of my favorite roast coffee, and a front seat view of the morning’s sunrise, I am armed with the weaponry to combat any obstacle. The anxieties about what I may face can be absorbed into fresh pages of my journal, guided by words of wisdom

from the One who already knows what’s in store. Sometimes I even like to scribble on a bright post-it note a passage that really stuck out to me, carrying it with me as a prayer for the day. The fun part is there is no set way to spend quality time with Jesus. One day, it could mean an early bike ride to soak in His presence through nature. Another, it could be preparing a delicious surprise breakfast for your roommates while listening to Christian music.

Now compare this to the alternative choice, the one where I slept thirty more minutes and immediately had to jump into the chaos of this world. The one where I missed the Artist’s masterpiece that decorated the sky right outside my window. The one where I scrolled through Instagram and Facebook before the Word of God, letting these words define my #goals instead of the One who knows my heart. The one that threw me head over heels into my day instead of strolling hand in hand with Jesus Christ. The decision now doesn’t seem all that hard.

TRUST ME! I know getting out of bed can be one of the hardest tasks in the morning; but think about how much more meaningful thirty minutes of prayer is compared to thirty more minutes of sleep. If we are willing to make this tiny sacrifice and begin our day with Jesus, Jesus will begin to transform our day, and our lives!

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