My Wish (Prayer) for You


Wishes are stuff that fairy tales are made of—the things we hope will come true if we blow out birthday candles, rub a magic lamp, cross our fingers, knock on wood, or throw a coin into a fountain. But a prayer is something that travels from my mouth to God’s ear, from my heart to His, in the firm hope and assurance that His answer comes not from good luck or willing it to be true, but from the loving care of a faithful and good Father.

So this is my prayer for you, and for each and every woman, young or old, who encounters God’s love as a result of the Be Love Revolution.

I pray that you can…

 Change that voice inside your head that tells you that you are never enough; that you are unlovable, that you will never measure up. May you see what your Creator sees, find your value in His eyes, and love what He loves in you.

Be confident, strong, courageous, authentic, and unique. May you find opportunities to express your gifts and talents, to grow, to lead, to love others, to serve, to succeed and to make mistakes in a safe place.

Believe that you are a gift to your family, your classmates, your friends, your co-workers—the world—even in your weakness and your brokenness.

Learn how to take risks, to not care so much about others’ opinions, and to strive to please an audience of One; to step out and risk loving God and others with reckless abandon and a generous heart.

Think with a renewed mind, not just accepting everything the world tells you, but instead understand yourself, the world, and things of eternity with clarity and conviction.

Find places of encounter, where God is present and personal, where you can be free of judgment, free of self and enter in; where you can really meet Him, and begin to know His love and His plan for your life.

Image via Francesca Patti Photography