Snakebit—Believing the Lie

By Debbie Herbeck

I am snake-bit. My wound isn’t that big—just two tiny, almost imperceptible holes. But the venom from the bite triggered a type of amnesia. I forgot who I was and everything began to unravel. Where did I come from? Where was I going? What was my purpose in life? Who could I trust? Coursing through my veins was this deadly lie that had accompanied the bite: “Your Creator isn’t good and you can’t trust Him.” This lie became my truth.

Healing of this deadly wound takes time, and I need to remember that I’ve been given the antidote; it’s a costly medicine that heals and restores and makes me new again. It is the life of Christ, the transfusion of his grace that breaks the power of the lie that God is not trustworthy and I am left alone to fend for myself.

My wound has been there for a long time now and it’s mostly scar tissue, but I long for the day, when there is no longer a trace of or even a memory of the pain that followed and the damaged inflicted. There are still days when I fight—hope against hope—to believe that God is faithful and utterly trustworthy— even in the darkness, even when He seems absent, even when I am faced with the impossible. And even when I can’t even imagine how “all things work together for the good for those who love God.” So here are three simple, daily antidotes to my snake bite, to the fear, doubt and mistrust that threaten to overwhelm here is simple me.

1.    Gratitude. Be thankful for everything no matter what. It’s always easier to complain, to blame others, to wish things were different. Gratitude helps me see God’s goodness more readily and seeing that goodness helps me place my trust in a good God.

2.     Joy. Don't wait for it. Choose it, not as your emotion for the day, but as a disposition of trust that truly believes that everything will be okay. Find joy in the little things and let your heart swell. Joy gives birth to a deeper hope which will never disappoint us. 
3.    Love. Forget about me, I love you. There’s nothing the snake hates more than love, than putting aside your own desires and giving of yourself to another. Love is daunting but it’s the supreme antidote to fear. 

Today I will do these three things. I will go to the source of eternal life that flows from the cross of Christ and I will find healing from my snake bite.