A Poem

By Rachel Herbeck


We have sacrificed the heart of a woman on an altar of emptiness and comparison

We have traded our fertility for the dichotomy of false freedom

Crushed under the weight of who we should be

We become more

We become less

Until we become nothing

We are seemingly everything to the world, but no one to ourselves

I want to live in the is instead of the should

I have many parts and my parts will function as they are meant to

I am an artist, an explorer, a philosopher

I am a co-creator, a giver of self

I am the vessel through which the very gift of life flows

I am more

I am less

I refuse to believe the lie that I am nothing

But I cannot be anything to the world until I am someone to myself


Our complexity is beauty

Our biology is not a negativity 

We will own our moving parts until the shoulds become ares

And the only altar of sacrifice is that of God

The only thing that defines us is the definite that we are beautifully and wonderfully made.

The only one who has purchased us is the One who has bought us with His precious blood.

So forget all that surrounds you

Everything you are has already been endowed in you

Drown out the noise and let truth plant itself into your being:

Beautiful woman,

Your heart has been perfectly fashioned by the One who has found you.