Week 3: Be Love for Lent

Dear Beloved,

This past week I have been pondering the smallness and the greatness of love. If you know me, perhaps you’ve concluded that the source of my inspiration is Mother Teresa, and maybe you’re even thinking about her famous quote to “do small things with great love.” Admittedly Mother Teresa is my “go-to” on most things related to love, but this week I have another muse, and his name is Jack Henry Herbeck.

Jack Henry Herbeck, my newest grandson, was born last Monday, February 15th. He arrived unexpectedly a month early and just missed Valentine’s Day. He is healthy and strong, but he is very small and although I have yet to meet him, he is the object of my enormous love.
As I’ve tried to walk with the Lord this past week, and to remember our daily Be Love for Lent Challenge to love, the photos of tiny Jack are a constant reminder to find small ways to express the greatness of God’s love to those around me.
Sometimes we think that doing small things won’t make a difference, and that people won’t notice. But as I look at tiny Jack in the arms of my son whom I once held, I know that doing small things with great love does matter, whether it’s emptying the dishwasher, offering a kind word, making someone’s school lunch, or changing a diaper. Those small gestures done with great love can really help others know they are greatly loved by God, and teach them what it means to live in love.

Be Love, 

Debbie Herbeck
Thursday, February 25: Love is patient
Friday, February 26: Love is kind
Saturday, February 27: Love is not envious
Sunday, February 28: Love is not boastful
Monday, February 29: Love is not arrogant
Tuesday, March 1: Love is not rude
Wednesday, March 2: Love does not insist on its own way

P.S. BeLoved is cancelled for 2/24. Our next BeLoved is 3/9.