Week 2: Be Love for Lent

Dear Beloved,
Week 1 of Be Love for Lent was very eye opening for me and I hope it was for you as well. Last Friday I wrote, “Love is not jealous” on my hand. I didn’t think that the day would be particularly difficult, but I was mistaken. As the day went on and I was trying be aware of the times when I was experiencing jealousy, I realized that this was a real struggle of mine. Far too often I look at the successes of others, what they have, or what they are doing and I feel sadness. This sadness comes from wishing that I had something that they have—from not being satisfied with what I do have. This jealously does not lead to an attitude of gratitude, but rather a disposition of dissatisfaction. Every time I caught myself feeling that pang of dissatisfaction—of jealousy—I tried to turn my heart to the Lord and tell Him what I was thankful for. At the end of the day I was truly amazed. First, I was amazed by how many times I experienced jealousy and secondly at how much happier I felt when I focused on the good instead of the negative. I’m not saying that we can’t long or strive or hope, but there is so much good in our life that goes unnoticed when we focus on what is lacking.
I just wanted to share these thoughts with you as we enter into this second week of Lent. I also want to encourage you to continue on knowing that the Lord has a plan for you during these forty days. Be open to what it is He wants to do in your heart and in your life. You are not alone in this—we are all in this together.

Be Love,
Julianna Macari
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P.S. Our next BeLoved is next Wednesday, February 24th!