The Sound of Silence

There is something so beautiful, so unlike the world we inhabit, about silence. When you look across a glassy pond, the turning leaves of autumn sparkling burnt orange in its reflection it can be enough to take your breath away. It is the same with a sunset. There are no loud crashes or bangs. It is silent, and yet it provokes so much adoration. I remember one example in particular when I was playing in a powder puff football game with some other Christian ladies and a gorgeous sunset graced the sky. We all stopped in the middle of a play and stood captivated, admiring the beauty. 

A lot of times, we don’t know what to do with this silent majesty. We grab our phones, run to social media and try to share this beauty and peace with others. But the camera on my cellphone can never truly capture what I experience. Why? Because when we experience the beauty of silence firsthand, we touch a piece of God. It cannot be replicated in a photo. It cannot be fully re-imagined in a story. Yes, it can still be appreciated, but it is so overwhelming in person, in the present moment, because that is where His presence lives.

One of the devil’s weapons of battle is noise, and I must say he often has the upper hand. He fills day-to-day life with countless distractions, trying so desperately to separate us from Christ’s love. So why is it then that we experience so much peace from a sunset, a quiet masterpiece? When we’ve exhausted ourselves in the ways of the world, in things that can never satisfy, a piece of the Lord brings us joy. 

I often get frustrated with God’s simple, quiet revelation of Himself. Can’t He make himself more obviously known? But unlike the devil, God doesn’t use noise or chaos to get our attention. The key to one’s heart is much simpler, and we are often drawn to Him in the beauty of silence. God made His children’s hearts, and at the center of their desires, is a longing for peace. Look for Him in the stillness, and there He will be found. 

Image via Melanie Reyes Photography