Squad Goals

By Rachel Herbeck

Okay I’m admitting it—I feel old. Granted, I am only freshly 22 years old, BUT I am so behind on all of the hip lingo the kids are using these days (said in old lady voice).

I’m being a little bit sarcastic, but as I scrolled through Instagram, I really did need someone to explain to me why people were hashtagging ‘goals’ and ‘squad’ and then constantly using the phrase ‘squadgoals’. I was like “wait- what are the goals we’re referring to? Who is in what squad?” It all is very confusing for us oldies out there.

That being said, with the rise of these hash browns, I mean hashtags, came the rise of the infamous squad of Taylor Swift. Everywhere I looked there was something about Taylor’s girl squad and how they were frolicking on the beach or wearing matching bathing suits. With high focus on this celeb-stacked squad, I began to see some spilling over in everyday life. Again, scrolling through Instagram, most of the comments on a photo of anything—a selfie, a picture of friends, a puppy—are usually some version of “ugh goals”, “omg seriously goalsssss”, “squad on point though”. Am I right or AM I RIGHT? I know you can hear it in your head.

Now, hear me out. I am not making fun or saying that these comments are bad. But I think it’s important to consider who and what we are measuring our “squads” against. There has been a meme going around recently of three of the Kardashian women with a caption that reads “Name a more iconic trio...I’ll wait”. WHAT?! Are we serious?! This is what we are using as a measuring stick for iconic? Whether we realize it or not, I think we start to measure our friends, our lives, by what we see being held up around us.

What are we using to measure our goals? Are we achieving “goals” if we look amazing and snap a great photo of us doing something amazing and awesome? Are we achieving “goals” if we have the perfect makeup that day? If we meet a celebrity or go to a cool concert? And what about our “squads”? What categorizes a cool “squad”? Is our squad on point (still don’t really understand the phrase—someone under 18, help please) if we all posed perfectly or went to dinner at a cool place and all looked awesome there?

I fall into this trap all the time. Am I living in this weird social media looking glass that is heavily influenced by the standards of the world? I want to propose higher standards for our goals and our squads. Not that it is bad to do any of those things, but I want more. And as women, we deserve more! I wantmy “goals” to involve more than how I look or how I am appearing, or even more than the fun stuff I am doing. What if our goals encapsulated virtues we wanted to grow in or the women we are and want to become? Let’s make holiness the ideal—kindness, empathy, authentic beauty, being transformed by Christ—let’s make all of these things iconic again.

And what about our squads? To be honest, most of my friends would probably disown me if I regularly referred to our group as a “squad”, but what are the standards for our friendships? I want to challenge us to elevate the ideals of our squads. Let’s make being intentional, committed, honoring, uplifting, and positive the central ideals of our friendships. I am blessed to have unbelievable friendships—women who support me and draw me closer to the heart of Christ. They are women who aren’t afraid to call me out when I am gossiping, women who encourage me in prayer, and walk with me closely on the journey of life.

Imagine what the world would look like if we started a revolution to revamp our goals and let the world see amazing groups (squads) of women striving toward holiness together. I invite you to pray and consider the standards you are living by in your own life. What are your goals? Who are your friends? Are they drawing you closer to Christ? Are you drawing them closer to Christ?

Let’s start by holding up some incredible women that we look up to. Here are a few of mine: Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta #GOALS. St. Catherine of Siena #GOALS. Debbie Herbeck #GOALS. Helen Alvare #GOALS. Lauren Herbeck #GOALS. Ali Hall #GOALS.

Comment with women you admire and why! Let's make some of those qualities our goals!

Image via Nicki Swift